Facebook Lock-Up Period Timetable

Facebook, a company with skyrocketing costs and a ~126 P/E, has an interesting few months ahead of it…


  • August 15th, 2012 (next Thursday): 268 million shares, 10% of shares outstanding.
  • October 14th: 249 million shares, 9% of shares outstanding.
  • November 13th: 1.332 billion shares, 49% of shares outstanding.
  • December 13th: 124 million shares, 5% of shares outstanding.
  • May 17th, 2013: 47 million shares, 2% of shares outstanding.

Over the next 4 months, in other words, 2 billion Facebook shares will become eligible for sale—about 70% of Facebook’s total shares outstanding.

From Business Insider. Will insiders hold strong? Hrmmmmmm.

Disclosure: No position currently. Edit – Short a little after-hours. Not financial advice, do your own research or consult a professional, etc etc.

US Budget, Broken Down to a Family Level

Keynesians like Paul Krugman are fond of saying we shouldn’t look at a country’s budget/balance sheet like a family’s. It’s somehow fundamentally different, because government spending is … always good, in essence. Such ridiculous statements by widely respected, Nobel-prize winning economists is a great reason to view the national picture on a family level. The numbers are easier to relate to:

from Reddit

Unfortunately, there seems to be very little chance of US leaders taking the necessary actions in time. Namely, cutting military spending to the bone and eliminating other government waste, prosecuting financial criminals, and ending legalized bribery. It’s too much to ask from this government.

Nanex Documents the Rise of the HFT Machines

One of the coolest and most disturbing data presentations I’ve come across in a while. Shows volume of high frequency trading over time, by time of day. If Joe Investor isn’t  terrified of this “market”, he should be.

More details via Felix Salmon. Chart by Nanex.

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