Scumbag Buffett

Scumbag Buffett

I’d add a Scumbag Steve hat, if I had the skills.

Silver’s Floor: $30?

I’m no expert technician, but the metal does seem to find solid support around the $30 level.

Live 60 day chart:

From Kitco.


Ron Paul Guest Hosts Squawk Box

On CNBC? Good interview and a nice update on the status of Dr. Paul’s campaign.

Pepper Spray Cop Still On The Job

Thanks to California laws, it would basically impossible to fire him according to this piece inĀ The Atlantic:

Thanks to the job protections California affords to this class of public employees, the thorough, independent review available to the public and the press has no bearing on the fate of the man who inspired it; whereas whether or not he’ll continue to patrol among the very students he needlessly sprayed is determined by a secretive process wholly lacking in transparency, and accountable only to the administrative apparatus whose very failure helped cause the pepper spraying.

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