Nassim Taleb Unconditionally Endorses Ron Paul

Nassim Taleb, author of The Black Swan, a book that predicted (a) financial crisis in the near future and sold over 3 million copies, published in 2007, has endorsed Ron Paul for president. Makes sense when you think about it. Considering Ron Paul warned of the housing bubble in 2001. And one of his intellectual influences, Ludwig von Mises, godfather of Austrian Economicspredicted America’s Great Depression in the early 1920’s.

Taleb is one of the more logical economic voices in the punditshphere, which explains why he hasn’t been on CNBC lately (as is awkwardly discussed in the clip, below). Please do watch:

Jim Grant Is Wise. Talks With Kelly Evans & Bartiromo

Jim Grant was in top form in the above piece. But I’m also impressed with Kelly Evans. First time I came across Evans she was challenging JPM’s chief economist in an online interview for the WSJ, and doing a fine job. I suspected she might be headed for something big. A few years later, and she’s a CNBC talking head, chatting with Jim Grant. Congrats. Keep it up, that unique anti-establishment bug you have.

h/t ZH

The Obama Deception

I first watched this documentary in 2009 shortly after it came out. It’s reached 9.9 million views on Youtube today, so apparently the message is resonating. About an hour and a half long & worth it:

Are The GOP Primaries Rigged?

Suspicious activity in the 2012 GOP caucus & primary votes has been rampant. This clip provides a nice overview:

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