Jim Rogers’ Outlook For 2012 & Beyond

Nice long interview with Jim Rogers. Enjoy:


  • Explains why he moved to Singapore (likes China, but Bejing & Shanghai too polluted)
  • He’s short stocks “across the world”
  • Long commodities
  • Long gold, silver
  • Crisis still imminent, better to take the hit now


Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy: Non-Interventionalism

Nice overview of his views on foreign-policy blowback, Iran, etc.

You Like Ron Paul, Except on Foreign Policy

Joe Rogan and the War Pigs

Joe Rogan made an entertaining appearance on Leno tonight, talking politics & smack. While doing some e-stalking, I found this: fan video (not made by him, tho he did tweet about it). Interesting independent political perspective.

Update on China’s Ghost Cities

China, along with the rest of the universe, continues to prove just how wrong Keynesians are about infrastructure/stimulus spending. Almost always, the result of such spending is a handout to politicos. It causes incalculable disruptions to the real economy. No matter how well-intentioned the pundits who begged for it were.

As a result of the bad debts created, China will continue to devalue their currency and continue to have high inflation.

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