Newt and Mitt: Brothers in Flop

My favorite parts: Gingrich on Libya, Romney on everything.

Ron Paul 2012.

Commodity Index up 252% in last 10Y. Hence… Deflation?

A broad index of commodities, as tracked by (great site), is up 252% in the last 10 years.

So when an influential idiot likeĀ Christina Romer says, “the spectre of inflation is quickly fading”, as she did on Bloomberg TV recently, it makes one wonder. What is the time period these people are looking at? A week? A month? Only ones when commodities are down?

Inflation Derp

Stop to consider the fact that these price increases have occurred despite stagnant wages (the Keynesian’s preferred deflation argument being that inflation cannot occur without matching wage hikes) AND crawling money-velocity since the crunch. No matter what the Fed does, it is screwed going forward.

  1. Tighten? Raise rates. Crush increasingly credit-dependent zombie economy (and banks, for some reason the Fed seems to favor the institutions who own it)
  2. Expand lending? Massive inflation, continuation of zombie economy.
  3. Keep lending slow, monetize debt. Hyperstagflation, ugly.

If I had my pick, I would of course go #1. Every time. But that’s not likely to be the case (for a while yet).

And regarding investment choices today, they’re a bit like a school cafeteria; sh1tty choices, but clear winners. I am looking to buy more precious metals and foreign bonds (pizza & french fries).

Disturbing Documentary

I came across this documentary on Netflix recently. It’s about a different kind of (alleged) corruption than the one I normally obsess over (banksters). This one is about big pharma. Like nearly all documentaries, it’s one-sided. Certain aspects of it, on both sides, smell fishy. But Dr. Burzynski’s story is quite intriguing. If nothing else, it certainly highlights a number of flaws with the FDA & NCI. Disturbing ones.

Burzynski, the movie:

Oh yeah, Happy Turkey Day! I’m just a font of brightness, aren’t I?

Ron Paul in 2001, Calling the Housing Bubble

Pretty much nailed it

Compare to Krugman’s view at the time.

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