Ralph Nader on Why He Likes Ron Paul

Skip to 5m for the relevant clip.

Occupy Oakland – Tear Gas, Flashbangs Deployed

This clip is from the Occupy Oakland protests. Tear gas, as experienced “POV”, doesn’t look so mild as it sometimes appears on TV.

And despite claims to the contrary, this clip makes it clear that Oakland police are using “flashbangs” or “stun grenades”.

This is pre-austerity. Pre-budget cuts. Things will get a lot worse when food stamps (which 1/6 Americans receive today) get cut. And social security, and medicare, and pensions. Haircuts all around. And, most likely, quite a few riots.

Herman Cain’s Chief of Staff Stars in Hilariously Awful Ad

The part at the end where Mark Block, Cain’s chief of staff, puffs on a Marlboro Light is very Humphrey Bogart, don’t you think? This ad (apparently paid for by “Friends of Herman Cain) is titled: “Now is the time for action” (or laughter):

Here, HuffPo writer Ryan Grim explains how Ron Paul busted Cain’s pro-Fed bias and shifting stances (he was a former director, after all). Cain is inconsistent, salesy, and establishment-friendly. Just like Romney, Perry, Bachmann, Gingrich, Santorum.

Jim Grant: Inflation Will Hit Suddenly

Not a new video, but one worth watching if you haven’t yet. Mr. Grant, of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, is one of the sharpest independent economists around. Inflation hitting suddenly quote at 16:20 (hat tip reader brian).

Weimar Germany may be a bit of an extreme example to use, but it does demonstrate the point rather well … (note that the x-axis is in months, not years).

Hyperinflation in Weimar Germany

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