Dick Morris & Bill O’Reilly: Economically-Challenged

So glad somebody did this. I saw Dick Morris on Bill O’Reilly’s show, attacking Ron Paul. When he spewed this nonsense about the gold standard I almost lost it, “[Ron Paul] is literally saying the USA economy should only be allowed to grow as much as gold is extracted from the earth”. Such a misinformed, ignorant view of the monetary system.

Via the Young Turks, who credit RonPaulForums.com as assisting.

Up to 127% Tariff on Paper Clips in U.S.

Wow. And another example of the “free market” boys in action.

From the WSJ:

The two main U.S. makers—ACCO and Officemate International Corp. of Edison, N.J.—have survived in that business mainly because, since 1994, import tariffs ranging up to 127% of the base price have protected U.S. clip makers from what the federal government deemed unfair Chinese competition. In June, the U.S. government renewed those tariffs for another five years. ACCO and Officemate also have kept costs low through automation.

It’s not just the tariff itself, either. It’s the world’s ridiculous currency system too.

Ron Paul Kills It On Fox News Sunday

Excellent interview with Chris Wallace.

Flashback 2007: Chris Wallace Attacks Paul in 2007 Debate

Did you notice how civil Dr. Paul was with Chris Wallace? It says something about his character, considering how he’s been treated in the past.

In a 2007 debate, Paul had just finished explaining his anti-war stance. Wallace comes back with “You’re basically suggesting that we take our marching orders from Al Qaeda”. WHAT? Watch (skip to 1:30 if impatient):

Silver Short Squeeze: Talking Bears

Some of these vids are a few months old (and somewhat NSFW – language), but their timing/message is that much more telling. There’s something going on in silver.

From this guy.

Disclosure: long silver, gold.

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