Don’t Like War? Consider Voting for the Only Real Anti-War Candidate in 2012.

From the Des Moines Register:

War is a drain, Paul tells Iowans

Ron Paul says that since 2008 he has seen more potential voters come around to his way of thinking about the economy, and that he hopes his views on foreign policy will gain similar traction in the run-up to the 2012 presidential race.

“People are now seeing the economic burden of our foreign policy – you know, the hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars of foreign aid that is taken out of our country,” the Texas representative said Monday during a visit to his campaign office in Ankeny. “People are starting to realize that war is a drain.

Ron Paul is the only 2012 presidential candidate who can truly call himself anti-war. The only one that can give Americans a chance at ending unsustainable foreign engagements.

He’s the only candidate who might be willing/able to cut defense spending as much as necessary (not 2% or 5% – think 30-50%). He’s the only one likely to stop reckless foreign policy; “aid” that is often counter-productive and only beneficial to a few.

If you’re skeptical on Dr. Paul — as most are at first — read up. Do some research. Take politico hit-pieces with a grain of salt, as anyone attempting to be objective always should.

Read his books – End the Fed, The Revolution, others. Read his economic influences, like Murray Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises, Hayek and Hazlitt. Surf around

Watch him in the 2012 presidential candidate debate on Fox:

Watch his CPAC speech:

He’s polling #2 in New Hampshire. Crazier things have happened.

Faber Says QE3 Inevitable, QE26 Probable

Via Bloomberg TV. (from ~March 31 2011).

DIY Levees in Mississippi

Hats off to these homeowners who built homemade levees around their houses. Impressive. From The Daily Mail:

mississippi flooding

homemade levees


Tax Compliance Costs US $338 Billion a Year

From the Center for Freedom and Prosperity, presented by Hiwa Alaghebandian.

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