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ben bernanke gives best deals on bonds

If I knew how to use Photoshop worth a damn, I would do a version of this focusing on the prices BB is buying assets at. Both are important, I suppose.

Next up on the Fed buy list? More MBS, perhaps, and a potential foray into Munis as CA, AZ, and IL (de)falter?

Feds/banksters winning still seems the most likely outcome to me. By “winning”, I mean being allowed to print money and recapitalize the banks in other ways until irreparable harm is done, likely resulting in big inflation.

On the other hand, a political/economic sea change does appear to be under way. Just a year ago, criticism of the Fed (or the TSA for that matter) was off-limits to 99.99% of MSM. With QE2, Fed-hating has officially gone mainstream. TSA-hating too. Both are part of a slow awakening. Still, at this point the concept of an effective outraged activist America is almost laughable. But we’re getting closer, at least.

The next few years will be an all-out financial brawl, as the banks realize that they have everything to lose. They will do whatever it takes, until they are restrained.

Hat tip to WilliamBonzai7 for the crazy benny ad, via ZH.

TSA Spoofs & Protests (maybe NSFW)

Comic-tragedy gold. Excerpt, via

In an effort to boost compliance with new full-body scan policy, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano volunteers to pose in front of the scanner for a TSA poster to be displayed at all airports as part of the TSA public relations campaign.


It gets funnier:

In related news, a previously unknown group of Straight Rights Activists has started a petition asking why gay men get to have their genitals groped by same-sex TSA officers, while straights can’t get the same treatment from [TSA] members of the opposite sex.

A double-standard, clearly.

Commenter “Kommisar Shitski” has this to add:

The full body scan of Comrade Napolitano fills me with pride to witness the full child-bearing hips and strong worker’s legs she displays as proof of the superiority of the kollective. May her beet rations increase twofold.

I too, upon entering the security area of my local aeroport, wish to be “examined” by a large-boned babushka, sparing my fellow male revolutionaries any embarrassment of fondling the exceedingly large pair of “beets” I sport beneath my party uniform trousers . . .
(lol, bolding is mine -Adam)

Private Parts

You probably know “opt-out day”, in which thousands of people plan to refuse body scans on Thanksgiving-eve.

Oh my, have the grassroots ideas taken off since. Here another peaceful protest idea I read about yesterday:

  1. Pop a few Viagra on the way to the airport.
  2. Refuse scan if selected, triggering full-body pat-down.

And apparently at least one person says they will go through with this crazy plan. Reddit user parish74 announced his intent to do so, and answered questions here. A fellow Reddit user suggested he, “wear sweatpants.”

Yet another variation on the  Jackass prank TSA protests involves guys in kilts, sans undies. Possibilities, they’re endless.

And of course, TSA t-shirts are popping up too. I haven’t seen any “TSA Body Inspector” tees yet, though. Kinda disappointed by that.

TSA tee shirt

Also via Boing Boing:

Keep it up! Satire = liberty.

Quantitative Easing Explained

Painfully funny and educational.

The Fed is unwinding faster than expected

It seems that the Federal Reserve is unwinding faster than many, including myself, thought possible. Revulsion over QE2 is certainly stronger than I could have hoped for.

And after being repeatedly blocked from chairing various financial committees, Congressman Paul may finally get the chance to do something he’s been working towards for 40+ years: Call the Fed on their bullshit from a position of authority, and attempt to implement desperately-needed reform.

Lew Rockwell, long-time ally of Dr. Paul, explains:

Ron Paul won easy reelection in the 14th district of Texas with almost 77% of the vote. (His opponent, a police chief, had signs that said, “Tell Dr. No he has to go.” No one took up my suggestion for opposing signs: “Send the cop to the donut shop.”

If the Republicans weren’t dishonest, and entirely in the pocket of the big banks, Ron Paul would be taking Barney Frank’s place as chairman of the finance committee. Not satisfied with blocking him there, they have even kept him out of the chairmanship of the monetary policy subcommittee, as Barney has frequently remarked. The first time the Republicans erased Ron’s seniority; the second time, they imported a congressman from another committee to take the job; the third time, they temporarily abolished the subcommittee. This time, I think they would fear the backlash, so Ron will probably be chairman. If so, I can’t wait for his hearings on the QE2, the gold, the business cycle, and much else.

If Dr. Paul somehow does not get the nomination, the backlash will be substantial, as Mr. Rockwell states. I am starting to think banksters may lack the credibility necessary to fight such firestorms. (time to sell silver, so soon? my anxious side says).

I am not sure yet what this means for further QE efforts. My gut says the Fed will win, and continue printing, bullying other countries into acceptance. But their opposition has become rather strong, rather fast.

Since QE1, the dissenters have grown from a fringe group led by Dr. Paul, to include the majority of developed nations. Plus a growing percentage of domestic dissenters, most notably Fisher and Hoenig. The banks are still my favorite to win the flation-currency wars, but at least the match is getting interesting.


Ron Paul: Bernanke’s Worst Nightmare – CNN

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