Latest from Jim Rogers: Expect Recession in 2014

Nice long interview with RT’s Lauren Lyster.

There is inflation in the world, it’s going to continue to get worse. And there will be an inflationary holocaust before it’s over.

John Williams’ latest alternate inflation data, based on the methodology used by the BLS until 1980:

Alternate inflation data

How Iceland Beat the Banks

Worth watching to the end:

Bernanke Confesses to Oprah


Via Schiff Radio.

Ron Paul: The Dollar Will Collapse

China and Japan, the second and third largest economies in the world, are for the first time in modern history trading their currencies directly. Previously they were forced to first convert to dollars. Russia is striking similar agreements with trade partners. The trend is clear. It may take 10 years, or 30, but the end of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency seems inevitable. An excellent video on the topic, featuring Ron Paul:

matt drudge on ron paul

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