Faber Still Calling for QE “Unlimited”

  • Fed will continue to print, no exit strategy
  • Effectiveness of QE diminishing, but Fed won’t/can’t stop monetizing debt
  • China is at risk from real estate bubble, but still growing, relatively strong
  • Global economy isn’t growing much
  • Remains positive on gold (since ’99)
  • Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand stock valuations “in the sky” at 20-25x

Crystal Clear Footage of Adam Kokesh Arrest

Somebody lied.

For those who don’t know, Kokesh’s felony charges were dropped to citations (which he refused to sign) and he was released.

Ron Paul’s Famous ‘What If?’ Speech

What happens if my concerns are completely unfounded? Nothing.

Godfrey Bloom Breaks Down Fractional Reserve Banking

Mr. Bloom is a member of the UK Independence Party (along with Nigel Farage). Here he breaks down the situation to deaf ears.

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