Back in April I entered a contest at Ended up winning an iPad2!

So thanks to Dave Pinsen and the guys over there. My blogging productivity is at near-year lows, thanks to the new precious. And my 24 mo kid monopolizes it if I take it out around him. Two, and he plays Angry Birds. By himself. I’m glad I won this thing, because I probably wouldn’t have swallowed my anti-Apple pride and bought one.

The goal of the contest was to make a compelling short case, to be voted upon by their premium members. My pick, DEER, a Chinese consumer firm with (alleged) book issues fell from around $9 to $8 during the month ($6.69 today.)

They have some nice-looking tools for screening out short opportunities, and an App called Portfolio Armor that helps you find the cheapest puts to hedge long positions. Check it out.