One of the more inspiring data visualizations I’ve seen. Brilliant job by Hans Rosling. Skip to around :30 if you’re in a rush.

What an innovative way to view historical progress. How about the horrific effects of World War One? Fascinating. Over 120,000 data points went into the presentation.

Data like this is a reminder of how far the world has come. Especially when it comes to life expectancy, as I’d  imagine that wages are much harder to show accurately, accounting for inflation and the like.

But that life expectancy data is hard to argue with. So while the world faces some serious economic headwinds in the near-term, the long-term picture is still bright. Lots of housekeeping and belt-tightening are needed in the near-term, of course. Bank reform and restraint, foremost in my mind. But overall, the presentation is enlightening. Prospects for the world are good, despite inevitable bumps along the road.

You can view more of Mr. Rosling’s work at his website, Lots of neat tools to play with.