The Greatest Non-Apology of All Time – Matt Taibbi rips Goldman Sachs and Lloyd Blankfein some new orifices: “Really, Lloyd? You ‘participated’ in the market euphoria? You didn’t, I don’t know, cause the market euphoria?”

Moody’s Debt Warning “Stuns” California – California is in serious denial if this is stunning news to any of its residents. Moody’s only seems to warn when it’s overdue by at least 12 months, and already priced in. Anyone stunned by this is not paying attention. Reuters

3 Banks Closed Tonight – In Kanas, NC, and Georgia. Estimated cost to the FDIC, $343 million. That makes 40 banks down so far in 2009. Bloomberg

S&P Cuts Ratings on 18 Banks – BB&T, Wells Fargo, Regions, and Capital One among others. AP

Graphic: Size of the Bailout Compared to Major Past Expenditures – A real eye opener. Barry Ritholtz