Godfrey Bloom Breaks Down Fractional Reserve Banking

Mr. Bloom is a member of the UK Independence Party (along with Nigel Farage). Here he breaks down the situation to deaf ears.

Acting IRS Commissioner: “I don’t remember” who was responsible

REP. REICHERT: Mr. Miller. You are the commissioner. Who was responsible?

STEVEN MILLER, IRS: I don’t have that name, sir. I’d tell you the name that I–

REICHERT: Well why don’t you? Have you asked anybody?

MILLER: Yes, I asked

REICHERT: Who did you ask? You don’t have that name either?

MILLER: I asked… I’ll be glad to provide those names.


REICHERT: Who did you ask?

MILLER: I asked the senior technical advisor.

REICHERT: And what is the senior technical advisor’s name?

MILLER: Nancy Marks.

REICHERT: And what did Nancy tell you, who is responsible?

MILLER: That, I don’t remember, to be honest with you.

REICHERT: You don’t remember.

MILLER: [Shrugs].

via RCP.

It’s important to note that Miller was not commissioner when the misconduct occurred. He’s only been on the job since November. Douglas Shulman was head during the relevant period, and he’s scheduled to testify next week. Should be an interesting few days. Especially considering Shulman’s previous testimony:

There is absolutely no targeting. This is the kind of back-and-forth that happens when people apply for 501 (c)(4) status.

Matt Drudge on Journalist Surveillance

Mr. Drudge is, needless to say, connected in media circles. In this case his sentiment likely stems (in part) from this story: Journalists fume over DOJ raid on AP

The AP’s president and CEO, Gary Pruitt, called the action “a massive and unprecedented intrusion by the Department of Justice into the newsgathering activities of The Associated Press.”

“We regard this action by the Department of Justice as a serious interference with AP’s constitutional rights to gather and report the news,” Pruitt wrote in a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder on Monday.

Whistleblowers and investigative journalists have been clearly warned, and every DC politico is well aware of the situation. Play ball. That’s the message.

Forcing  journalists and would-be whistleblowers to walk on eggshells is not a positive societal development, historically speaking. Yet it is a continuing bi-partisan trend.

The old and occasionally abused axiom that if you aren’t angry, you aren’t paying attention applies here.

More: Justice Department Investigation of AP Part of Larger Pattern to Intimidate Sources and Reporters

Glenn Greenwald Destroys Bill Maher on Foreign Policy, Interventionism

I don’t think Mr. Greenwald will be a panel member on Real Time again any time soon. But if Maher ever does have Glenn on his show again, I’ll give him some credit. Because Bill capitulated. He crumpled under Greenwald’s arguments on key foreign policy issues (esp @ 8:90, watch til the end), and essentially said “I’m bored with this, we’re moving on.”

Greenwald starts around 1:20, but watch from the beginning if you want the full background (starts w/ Benghazi attack).

And my own New Rule, which Bill should apply to himself:


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