Financial media and analysts are hopelessly biased in favor of bulls. They constantly search for the silver lining; bright spots, green shoots. While not done maliciously, this often-unfounded optimism impedes economic progress. Distorting the true picture provides a temporary boost, at best. If the government encourages reckless spending when people should rationally be tightening their belts, the result is inefficiency and distortion of functional markets.

Some areas of interest include:  asset protection, economic theories, government intervention in markets, corruption, and negative financial news ignored by the mainstream.

Who writes this stuff?

Adam Sharp,along with a few guest contributors. I was a Financial Advisor for a brief time, and maintain a healthy interest in the ongoing crisis and economic debate. It’s truly fascinating to watch. I read a diverse a diverse group of econ/finance material (see blogroll). Currently I am studying the Austrian School of Economics; Rothbard, Mises, Hayek, and newer voices like Peter Schiff.


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